Waterways on the rise in Racine, Kenosha Counties

RACINE CO. (WITI) -- Flood waters are on the rise in Racine and Kenosha Counties. The water is inching up to people's homes and closing down roads.

FOX6 News visited the Town of Wheatland where some home are surrounded by a river -- almost as if they are little islands.

Chuck Duncan has his eyes glued to the Fox River. We spoke to him on Thursday, April 18th. On Friday, we went back to visit Duncan and the flooding had worsened.

"It probably came up about 8 inches.  I was up all night just keeping an eye on it, just making sure it didn't come up into the house," said Duncan.

Duncan's yard is drenched. A swing rests on the river and his patio is entirely covered in water.

Drivers are also experiencing the frustrations of flooding. Jennee Reed, a mail carrier, has been navigating through the high water all week.

"I can no longer turn here, I have to bypass that road, so I turn down a different road because the roads are just so flooded," said Reed.

Parts of Highway 50 are closed to drivers as high water inches up near the bridge. A makeshift blockade, high and long, is now keeping the river back.

Officials say the river should crest in the next day or so. It's expected to reach 15 feet.