Watertown man arrested for fifth offense OWI

MILWAUKEE -- 42-year-old William Marble II was arrested for his fifth offense OWI by Milwaukee County Sheriff's deputies around 1:00 a.m. Monday morning. Marble currently has a fifth offense OWI pending. A conviction on that pending case will change this fifth offense charge to a sixth offense charge. The penalty for both a fifth and sixth offense are up to six years in prison.

Deputies spotted Marble nearly striking traffic barrels on I-94 near 35th St. Marble was ordered to only drive vehicles that are equipped with ignition devices, and deputies say he was driving a car not equipped with one.

"I, along with every other motorist in southeast Wisconsin, will pay close attention to the sentence William K. Marble receives on April 17th in Branch 38 with Judge Jeffrey Wagner to see if our courts are going to continue to play Russians roulette with the lives of Milwaukee area motorists," says Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke. "He needs to go to prison, not a year in the lock-up in Franklin."

Marble will be sentenced for his pending fifth offense OWI on April 17th. No court date has been set for his latest arrest.