Watching the water in Ozaukee Co. as rain continues to fall

WAUKESHA (WITI) -- With rainfall all week long and even more rain in the forecast, officials are watching the water in Ozaukee County.

"This is our 17th year on the river at Fiddleheads, so we've seen a few of these, but this ranks up there," Fiddleheads co-owner Ray Marcy said.

On Thursday, April 11th, after days of rainfall, Marcy had about 300 sandbags stacked in the hopes of preventing the Milwaukee River from coming too close.

"It should peak later on tonight, and should hold at that peak level for about 48 hours and then begin to subside. All things being equal, we should be okay by early next week," Marcy sad.

In the meantime, a steady stream of 15-20 volunteers continues to shore up the sandbag resources at the Village of Thiensville's Department of Public Works, where Andy LaFond says more than 3,000 sandbags have already been packed for pickup by any Thiensville resident or business.

"Last night, the volunteer firemen and some other members of the community worked for three hours on sandbags. Today, the Thiensville Business Association and the Mequon-Thiesville Chamber of Commerce are here, along with our residents," LaFond said.

In Waukesha, Ethan Greene says his yard is filled with water, and even with water extending some 50 yards beyond its banks, thanks to his flood insurance policy, he is keeping his cool, while keeping a close watch on the water.

"Earlier in the week, the first thing we were wondering was 'oh, wonder when the river's gonna go over the banks, and wonder when we're gonna start seeing all the fish in the yard and all the snapping turtles.' Once that happens, it's kinda interesting to watch but still a little concerning," Greene said.