Watch: Young woman wakes up from anesthesia, finds out she has a boyfriend: 'He's so cute'

A young woman waking up from heavy anesthesia was pleasantly surprised to learn she has a boyfriend who "really likes you."

Miranda Smith recorded a video of her daughter Isabella in Tennessee after she had her wisdom teeth removed in early July, according to Storyful. As the sedation begins to wear off, a "loopy" Isabella is sitting in the car with her mom when she’s told that her boyfriend Joey is there to see her.

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"You have a boyfriend," her mom says, which prompts an adorably shocked Isabella to respond with, "Really, I do?"

Her mother then asks if she wants to see him, and when she does, the reaction is priceless.


Isabellas post-surgery face when her mom tells her she has a boyfriend (Miranda Smith via Storyful)

"He’s so cute!" she exclaims to her mom.

Isabella, who posted the video on her TikTok page, said she "had a whole crush on my boyfriend of almost 3 years."

"When she woke up, she was still very loopy," Smith said. "She had temporary amnesia …I was able to capture her reaction. This was unscripted and completely genuine."