WATCH: Woman posts video showing rescue of baby harbor seal that fell into moat at Milw. Co Zoo

MILWAUKEE -- A woman on Saturday, July 9th posted to YouTube video of the rescue of a baby harbor seal that fell into a moat at the Milwaukee County Zoo.

In the caption posted along with the YouTube video, Stacy Lukasavitz Steele reported that the baby seal, born on June 13th, fell out of the water and into the ravine between the exhibit and the zoo's visitors.

Lukasavitz Steele reported that it took two zookeepers to lift the brand new slippery seal back into its exhibit.

FOX6 News spoke with Milwaukee County Zoo Business Manager Andrew Stockel, who confirmed that this happened shortly after 7:00 p.m. Saturday.

The 70-pound baby harbor seal fell from the seal pool into the moat below, Stockel said.

It happened while the seal was playing around with fellow seals, and managed to tumble into the moat.

Baby harbor seal born at Milwaukee County Zoo on June 13th

Zookeepers helped the seal back into its pool, and we're told the seal wasn't hurt.

We're told the seal is so new, it hasn't yet been named.

On Sunday, Stockel reported the seal was back in the pool with fellow seals, swimming and having a good time.