Watch: Rapper Jacquees arrested at Mitchell Airport, accused of telling deputy 'you're just a white boy with a badge'

MILWAUKEE -- Broadnax Rodriquez, also known as Jacquees, a rapper-singer-songwriter from Georgia was arrested at Milwaukee's General Mitchell International Airport and cited for disorderly conduct on Sunday, May 13.

According to an arrest report, while patrolling the baggage area, a Milwaukee County sheriff's deputy observed a verbal argument between two individuals. When the deputy told them to stop what they were doing and go their separate ways, the report says Rodriquez got closer to the other person "and continued the verbal assault." The deputy told Rodriquez to stop "numerous times" and eventually the parties separated.

The report says Rodriquez "continued to scream and sing using foul language" and he was warned to stop or he'd be cited for being disorderly.

Rodriquez then said "you're just a white boy with a badge -- I don't have to listen to you -- (expletive) you," the report says.

The report notes that there were adults and children present as Rodriquez said "(expletive) you" to the deputy and showed him his middle finger. He then jumped into a black truck outside the baggage area and refused to get out -- telling the deputy he "does not have to listen to me," rolling up the window. The report says when he was ordered out of the vehicle, Rodriquez refused to get out. When the deputy threatened to break the window, Rodriquez complied. When asked to put his hands behind his back and that he was being detained, the report says "Rodriquez began to pull away, screaming foul language."

The deputy "could smell a strong odor of alcohol" coming from him, the report says, and when asked how much he'd had to drink, Rodriquez said "one shot." The report says as he was being escorted, he "continued to scream and use foul language, telling citizens to record what was happening to him."