Watch: Officer-involved shooting near 29th and Wisconsin, suspect suffers serious injuries

Officer-involved shooting at 29th & Wisconsin

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police officers shot a man following a foot pursuit that ended on a roof Thursday afternoon, August 31st. The shooting itself was streamed live online.

Police say it started with a call for a subject with a gun near 29th and Wisconsin. They ended up chasing a man onto a garage roof. Police say officers shot him after a confrontation, but are not saying whether or not that man ended up having a gun.

Officials say the officers involved in this incident are from District 3. One is a 33-year-old male with three-and-a-half years of experience. A second officer is a 28-year-old male with one-and-a-half years of experience. Both have been placed on administrative duty.

Cellphone video shows two officers following a man on the roof of a garage near 29th and Wisconsin. FOX6 News is not sharing the audio of the shooting, but shows police firing at least two shots and the subject falling.

"I heard officers yelling, 'get off the effing roof,'" said Destiny Colvin, recorded cellphone video of shooting.

Destiny Colvin says that's what prompted her to start recording from her window. She captured the moment police fired the shots and watched the scene unfold.

"When the ambulance finally came, they wrapped his head up in gauze and you could see blood all over the place, especially on the roof," said Colvin.


Police describe the man's injuries as serious. They say he matched the description of the armed subject given to police.

"The suspect fled on foot. Officers then pursued that suspect on foot. Eventually, the caught up to the suspect and during the confrontation an officer fired his handgun striking the suspect," said Captain William Beauchene, Milwaukee Police Department.

Cellphone video shows officer-involved shooting near 29th and Wisconsin

Officer-involved shooting at 29th & Wisconsin

Police would not say Thursday, whether they recovered a gun from the scene or if officers saw that man with a weapon. MPD did say that it's investigating itself in this shooting.

"In this shooting, it is not divergent. The victim/suspect in this incident is still alive at the hospital at this time," said Beauchene.

William Beauchene

State law requires an independent investigation only for fatal officer-involved shootings. We found records of a 2015 officer-involved shooting where the subject was still alive but MPD got the state the investigate. Its not clear what's different about this incident.

Monitor FOX6 News and for updates on this developing story.