WATCH: Meet Chance, found tied to a tree in Germantown, seemingly abandoned

GERMANTOWN -- Germantown police are looking for the person or persons who tied a dog to a tree -- and seemingly abandoned the animal.

Police said the dog was found behind the Pizza Hut restaurant near Pilgrim Road and Mequon Road on Sunday afternoon, April 2nd.

Police believe he may have been intentionally abandoned, as he was tied to a tree in a wooded area. If that is not the case, and you are the dog's owner, police said "no worries." They'll reunite you with your dog after you meet with police about this situation.

After this incident, police are reminding animal owners that if you can no longer care for a pet, you should be kind and turn the pet over -- as mistreating animals is a crime.

The dog, now named "Chance," is being cared for at the Washington County Humane Society.

"Little Chance came into us on April 2nd. He had been tied to a tree. We don't know the circumstances of what happened and we're not going to speculate. Right now, he is being held here as a stray. We do have one of the officers involved interested in potentially adopting him. He was tied to a tree on about nine inches of leash. We're just trying to see if there's an owner out there. He's a little shy, a little fearful, but once he adjusts to you, he's extremely friendly, and definitely a lap dog. His name is Chance. We didn't know his name, so we're hoping for a better second chance, right? He's a pretty good boy," Tina Duris, operations manager at the Washington County Humane Society said.