Watch: MCTS bus driver honored for finding lost, cold 5-year-old boy

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) bus driver Karen Martinez-Casper is being recognized for finding a lost and cold 5-year-old boy.

Karen Martinez was driving her bus route early Monday morning, October 9th, when she found a lost 5-year-old boy near the area of 84th and Lancaster just before 7:00 a.m.. The young boy was cold and had no shoes or socks on. MCTS said Martinez brought him inside the bus to warm up as they waited for police to arrive. In the video, you can see a passenger on the bus helped by offering the young boy their coat to keep him warm.

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele and Milwaukee Alderman Cavalier Johnson formally honored Karen on Wednesday, November 15th.

In a news release, Abele issued the following statement:

"Like so many MCTS and Milwaukee County employees, Karen is a shining example of public service and selflessness. We know every day, across Milwaukee County, MCTS drivers are performing acts of MCTS Excellence big and small. Thank you, Karen, and thank you to all the other employees at MCTS who put Excellence into action."

Alderman Johnson stated:

"In today’s day and age, too many people have a cynical view of government, but we know that people like Karen and thousands of other City and County employees are making a real difference in the lives of people every single day.”

MCTS says this is the fifth time in a year that one of its drivers has found lost or missing children.