Watch Gov. Walker's entire prime time GOP Convention speech

TAMPA -- The Republican National Convention began in earnest Tuesday, August 28th after events set for the official first day of the Convention (Monday) were called off due to weather worries over Isaac. Tuesday night, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker addressed the Convention during a prime time speech.


Gov. Walker is one of several conservative governors scheduled to speak at the 2012 GOP Convention, and he just may be the closest watched. Gov. Walker's recall victory galvanized and energized Republicans, and Gov. Walker spoke about that process Tuesday night.

"On June 5th, voters in Wisconsin got to determine who was in charge. Was it the big government special interests in Washington, or the hard-working taxpayers of our state? The good news is that on June 5th, the hard-working taxpayers won," Gov. Walker said.

Gov. Walker got a standing ovation when he took the stage in Tampa Tuesday evening.

The broad theme of his address was about restoring economic prosperity. He argued President Barack Obama has failed to lead the United States out of the doldrums.

"Nationally, we've experienced 42 consecutive months of unemployment above 8%. Last month, 44 of the 50 states saw an increase in the unemployment rate, and more than 12 million of our fellow citizens are unemployed. We need someone to turn things around in America. That leader is Gov. Mitt Romney," Gov. Walker said.

Mike Lowe: "In biggest speech of your career, what are you going to say?"

Gov. Scott Walker: "We're going to talk a little bit about the experience in Wisconsin, how our reforms are working, and how a couple of months ago, voters had a real choice, like they're going to have in America.  Do you want government that measures success by how many people are dependent on government, or do you want a leader at the national level who views success as just the opposite -- by how many people are not dependent on the government, because they've got jobs in the private sector? We're going to talk about how we turn things around. We've still got more work to be done, but how we've been able to turn things around and how we need a leader like Mitt Romney to do it for the rest of the country.

Mike Lowe: "This is your fist major national speech since the recall. Will you focus more on criticizing President Obama or will you focus more on the Wisconsin story?"

Gov. Scott Walker: "More on the Wisconsin story and the contrast. Really the only thing I'm going to hone in on that has anything to do with the President is the economic plight we face. Unemployment above eight percent, 23 million of our citizens who are unemployed.  It's more of a statement of fact, not a critique as much as saying 'hey, we need help now.'  We need a leader who can turn things around and I'm going to make the case that that leader is indeed Governor Mitt Romney."

Mike Lowe: "Is it a difficult case for you to make that the Wisconsin economy is doing well at the same time the President is not doing a good job?"

Gov. Scott Walker: "No, I think in our case, you even look last month, we weren't alone -- 44 of the 50 states saw unemployment tick up a little bit just like it did slightly in Wisconsin.  It's gotten better.  A few years ago under Gov. Doyle, it was 9.2 percent. It's now 7.3 percent, so it's better, but we could do so much better if we had the right leadership in Washington. That's really the argument I'll make and the argument you'll hear from a lot of the other Republican governors as well."

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