Warmer weather gives DPW a chance to repair plows, salt trucks

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- With a break in the winter weather, Milwaukee's Department of Public Works says they are as busy as ever giving their service vehicles a "makeover."

With a sunny, warmer day on hand Friday, December 27th, DPW workers say the garage becomes the focal point for many of Milwaukee's snow plows and salt trucks, as well as their needed equipment.

"We use this time to make sure everything's up and running the way it should be," said Freight Operations Manager Jeff Tews. "We've got, like, 165 plows that we have to repair right now where they got a little bit worn down or had a disagreement with a raised sewer manhole or something like that."

Excessive build up is scraped off after the old shoes are pulled away from the blades, then new shoes are bolted into place.

"It's all the more important to make sure we grab those trucks while they're not needed out on the streets and take care of any minor and major repairs that we have to do," added Tews.

Workers say although some equipment will require heavy repairs, those situations are few and far between for the more than 200 plows and salt trucks.

"Right now we've only got about eight of those trucks out of service that couldn't go right now if we had to," said Tews. "We'll do everything we can to make sure that they're out there again the next time we need them."

The Department of Public Works says the nicer weather gives them a chance to clear sidewalks and other areas where snow has piled up. Tews says the DPW will be making sure equipment is ready with extreme cold expected to return on Sunday.