Walker recall signature-gatherers hit up Black Friday shoppers

Shoppers weren't the only ones out in full force for Black Friday the day after Thanksgiving. People like Frank Shansky spent the day collecting signatures in the recall effort against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Recall petitioners say the holiday and Black Friday deals mean more people out and about, and with that comes more potential signatures to add to their petitions.

"We're hoping that there are more people out driving, and going shopping, so we have more access to people, and they can see that we're out here," Shansky said.

Shansky, and Greg Hipenbecker who set up down the road, said they collected nearly 200 signatures an hour on Black Friday. "It's a busy location, with a lot of traffic and bigger, better exposure. I just feel what Scott Walker did was a step backward for Wisconsin," Hipenbecker said.

However, not everyone was ready to sign their name on the line. One man said he's battling back against the recall efforts by showing his support for Walker, He believes many people have gotten swept up in the hype of the recall effort, and are ignoring Walker's accomplishments. "I think there are a lot of people, I guess you could call them the silent majority, that are in favor of Scott Walker and what he's done. Our tax rates aren't going up, services haven't gotten cut, teachers haven't lost their jobs, and there haven't been a whole lot of cuts anywhere," the man said.

In the end, only the number of valid signatures will determine whether there will be a recall election. Recall organizers need more than 540,000 valid signatures by January 17th.