Walker flip-flops on immigration issue while campaigning in Alabama, Tennessee

ALABAMA/TENNESSEE -- Governor Scott Walker continues his presidential campaign in Alabama and Tennessee this weekend, after controversial remarks about immigration on Friday, August 21st.

Walker was in New Hampshire on Friday for a campaign stop and to meet with supporters. At the event, Walker was asked about a "dividing issue" for the Republican party, whether the children of illegal immigrants should be given citizenship.

Earlier in the week, Walker said the U.S. should "absolutely" end birthright citizenship. Friday, he backpedaled on that statement.

"Until we secure the border, enforce the laws, any of these other things don't matter. Because if people aren't willing to do that, all the rest of it becomes kind of the next step or next discussion out there," said Walker.

Currently, birthright citizenship is a constitutional guarantee, and overturning it would require an amendment. Political experts say it would be nearly impossible to pass.