Walker campaign files recall lawsuit

MADISON -- Governor Scott Walker's campaign, and the Wisconsin Republican Party have filed a lawsuit that the Governor says will protect the integrity of the recall effort and potential election. The lawsuit says the Government Accountability Board, not the Walker campaign, should scrutinize recall petitions.

Recall petitioners say they've collected more than half a million signatures so far, but Governor Walker's supporters say a portion of those signatures are suspect. At this time, the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board officials say it's not their responsibility to verify signatures, and that challengers, or Walker's supporters, must bring any petition issues to the GAB.

"We think it's an appropriate place for the Government Accountability Board to enforce. If people want to sign it, and they have every right to in this state, people can sign it once, and they have to sign it with a real name related to a real voting location," Walker said.

Graeme Zielinski with the Wisconsin Democratic Party says the only reason the Walker campaign is concerned, is because the recall effort is succeeding. "This is a crybaby lawsuit. If (the recall effort) weren't succeeding, they wouldn't complain," Zielinski said.

Walker says there's a constitutional issue at stake: equal protection under the law. Walker says multiple signers nullify the rights of those who don't choose to sign. "The idea that their decision not to sign it would be offset by someone who signed it multiple times, I think, ultimately goes to the heart of the voting system," Walker said.

Zielinski says the Democratic Party hasn't submitted any recall petitions to the GAB yet, so the lawsuit is based on rumors.

Meanwhile, Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald says the GAB is no longer a credible non-partisan agency, and should be replaced. Monday, Walker said he's not concerned about the make-up of the GAB, as long as elections are fair.