Voters weigh in on possible recall election of Scott Fitzgerald

WAUKESHA COUNTY -- Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald has held his seat, which includes parts of Dodge, Waukesha and Jefferson Counties for nearly two decades. Now, he faces a possible recall election.

More than 20,000 unverified signatures hit the State Capitol Tuesday to force Fitzgerald into a possible recall election.

In Fitzgerald's hometown, opinions of the recall effort are split. Plenty of public employees who lost their collective bargaining power are upset over Fitzgerald's vote -- and plan to follow through with the recall. But many of Fitzgerald's constituents believe even if the recall efforts are successful, it won't change a thing politically.
A possible candidate to face off with Fitzgerald has not yet been identified. If no once can be found, the recall's organizer, Lori Compas, has said she'd be willing to step up as a challenger.