Voters share early morning reaction to election results

MILWAUKEE -- It was a late election night Tuesday, November 6th, as victory and concession speeches didn't wrap up until around 1:00 a.m. Wednesday morning.  Voters who stayed up to watch the final word had plenty of opinions about the results.

“I've been up for five days straight,” Dave Dondero said.

Dondero was just one of several people at Ma Fischer's Diner on Milwaukee's east side who couldn't go to bed after hearing that President Barack Obama had won reelection for a second term.

“I was a little worried because, you know, what happened with Scott Walker and all,” Dondero said.

“I am so happy that I was going to jump up and hit the ceiling, but I thought I was going to hit my head!” Chester Ohrmund said.

Democratic supporters said the rallies and the ground game paid off in battleground Wisconsin and the other swing states too, but those who voted for Republican Mitt Romney also spoke out Wednesday.

“Socialism is a wonderful thing until we run out of payers,” Michael Kilmer, who left Russia to become a U.S. citizen said.  He cast his ballot for Mitt Romney.

“I'm scared.  I'm scared for my children’s generation, for my grandchildren's generation. When I say I'm scared, I am,” Kilmer said.

“I was very hopeful when I went to the polls in the morning when I voted,” Obama supporter Kathy Cornfield said.

Retired Democratic Senator Herb Kohl was also enjoying an early morning breakfast at Ma Fischer’s.  He told FOX6 News he was celebrating a victory for both President Obama and Tammy Baldwin, his successor.

In the end, though, not everyone was convinced four more years for President Obama is a good thing for America.

“With the way things are set up when one group wants to distribute and one group wants to cut, I don’t know, it's going to be real tough to compromise when we're so far apart,” Brian Morello, a Romney supporter said.

One thing most voters agreed on was that it's time for both political parties to put all differences aside and work together to move Wisconsin and the country forward.

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