Voter turnout in Milwaukee: Preliminary indications suggest turnout won't be a record

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee Election Commissioner Neil Albrecht tells FOX6 News preliminary indications are that voter turnout in the General Election Tuesday, November 4th won't be a record.

Albrecht says the voter turnout percentage will likely fall somewhere in the 60% range.

Earlier Tuesday, Albrecht was predicting a voter turnout percentage near 70%.

Albrecht tells FOX6 News some wards had voter turnout numbers that surpassed their numbers from the 2012 recall election, while other wards in Milwaukee only had about two-thirds the number of people voting as compared with the recall election turnout.

Albrecht says many polling places saw a big rush in the morning, as was expected, and also around the 5:00 hour as people were leaving work.

The average wait time inside the Zeidler Building in Milwaukee was around 20 minutes. The wait time was around one hour and 15 minutes for those who needed to register -- and those wait times were during the after-work rush.

It is important to note -- these are preliminary projections. Official voter turnout numbers haven't yet been released.

"This is actually my first time voting, which is pretty cool and it's worth waiting in line because it's a big election in the state of Wisconsin, so I'm excited to be here," Sofia Garcia said.

"I think it's a right and privilege for everyone to get out and vote," Doug Gamauf said.

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