Voter ID confusion: People are getting in line for IDs they don't need

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- You do not need a photo ID to vote in the upcoming November 4th election. But it appears not everyone has gotten the message -- and those people may be filling up the lines at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

According to state officials, people all over the state are waiting in lines at the DMV for something they simply do not need at this time. The number of people getting IDs recently is unknown. But officials at the Government Accountability Board say there is confusion on whether an ID is required on election day.

That confusion was present outside the DMV off Mill Rd. in Milwaukee.

"I'll bring my ID, if I need it.  I don't know if I need it or not," said one person.

"I heard that you do, and I heard you don't, so I'm just going to roll with the flow on the thing," said another.

The confusion is understandable after the back and forth rulings from various courts. But the bottom line is -- there is no need to come to the DMV before the November election -- if you are trying to secure an ID. The U.S. Supreme Court has put the law on hold.

State officials say if you find yourself at the DMV anyway, you can still get an ID for free. Just know -- you don't have to get that ID now.