Vigil held to remember two boys killed in crash near 11th and Capitol

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee police continue to investigate a crash that occurred Sunday evening, April 14th that left an 17-year-old and 19-year-old dead.

It happened near 11th and Capitol around 6:00 p.m. Sunday.

Witnesses at the scene told FOX6 News they believe the crash was caused by drag racing, though police have not yet officially confirmed that.

A memorial has been set up at the scene, and a loved ones gathered at the scene on Monday night to remember the boys killed.

Family members of 17-year-old Tre'vonn Jackson and his brother, 19-year-old Tremell Jackson say the boys were killed in the crash on Sunday night. Milwaukee police have said Tre'vonn was driving, and Tremell was a passenger.

"We're missing them like crazy - real crazy. We're not even concerned about it. We just know that they're gone and that's it.  Whatever happened -- it happened and that's it.  They're gone," Tracie Jackson and Ira Scott said.

Jackson is an aunt of the boys. Though she may be ignoring the potential cause of her nephews' deaths, she is embracing the lives they lived.

"When you're around, in the presence around them -- they're spirits. Just lights the whole room up when they come around," Jackson said.

Tre'vonn played basketball as a senior at Destiny High School. His Facebook page showed aspirations to play in the NBA. If that didn't work out, relatives say he and his brother were already learning how to plaster from their father.

"Worked really hard with their dad - worked really hard with their dad. Their dad has a business of his own and he kept them busy.  They was excellent kids. They was excellent kids," Billy Gordon and Ira Scott said.

It is a future they will never get to know. Now, all that is left of Tre'vonn and Tremell are the memories carried by their loved ones.

"They were standing next to me. I'm like 'y'all really taller than me' and that's my memory that I'm stuck with because they way up here and you know and that's the memory that I'm going to stick, remembering their faces," Jackson said.

The superintendent at Destiny High School said there was a school-wide assembly Monday morning to help students work through what happened. Students and staff also prayed together for the family. Grief counselors were made available.