Video: Mexico navy intercepts 'cartel sub' carrying more than 7,000 pounds of cocaine

Officials for Mexico's naval forces have captured a "narco sub" containing more than 7,000 pounds of what is suspected to be cocaine off the coast of Mexico, according to a news release by the government. 

Authorities posted dramatic footage on Facebook which shows an aerial view of the semi-submersible being chased by ships and a helicopter before being intercepted by naval forces. 

The sub was carrying five people from different nationalities who were all arrested on June 26. 

"The success of the mission was achieved thanks to the training of the naval personnel, since the elements boarded the illegal vessel in motion, under conditions of strong winds and waves on the high seas," the navy said.

Mexican officials say this operation is just one of many and that they have now seized nearly 50,000 pounds of cocaine in local waters, arresting 121 people this year alone. 

This is not the first time officials have intercepted a "narco sub" smuggling drugs. 

In 2019, footage went viral of U.S. Coast Guard stopping a submarine carrying nearly 20,000 pounds of cocaine off the coast of South America. 

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In March this year, officials intercepted another sub carrying two dead bodies, two survivors, and a large haul of drugs off the coast of Colombia. 

Both men received medical attention, the agency noted. 

Authorities transported the two survivors, bodies, and cocaine to the municipality of Tumaco - Nariño, where it was presented to the Technical Investigation Corps of the Attorney General's Office, the statement concluded

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