Video: 2 MCTS bus drivers hailed for helping lost children in the same day

MILWAUKEE -- Two Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) bus drivers are being hailed for helping two lost children -- in the same day.

MCTS Driver Cressida Neal was driving the RedLine at 4:40 a.m. on Friday, July 5 when she spotted a toddler alone near Capitol and Humboldt in Milwaukee. A news release said the boy was barefoot, scared, and crying. It turned out, he had wandered away from his grandmother's house in the middle of the night.

Then, around 10:15 a.m., MCTS Driver Cecilia Nation-Gardner noticed a little girl walking along Route 15 in Cudahy. The girl was crying, wearing pajamas and slippers, and holding a blanket. In a heartbreaking confession to Cecilia, the youngster said she was trying to find her mom, who lives in another state.

Back in May, Nation-Gardner ran into traffic to help a boy who had walked away from school.