Victim responds after charges dismissed against Juan Silva Sr. in hit-and-run: "I've lost all faith in the justice system"

MILWAUKEE -- In 2013, a Milwaukee man confessed to being the driver involved in a fatal hit-and-run crash that left one person dead and another person injured. But a tipster recently came forward with new information. Now, the man is leaving prison -- and his son is charged with the crime. For the first time, we're hearing from the victim of that hit-and-run crash who survived.

Angalee Jacobs

In September 2013, Angalee Jacobs was injured and Juan Zapata-Guerrero was killed near 12th and National Avenue when they were struck by a white GMC conversion van.

"I have permanent damage in my right leg. All the nerves are shot," Jacobs said.

Jacobs says she's constantly in pain -- both physically and emotionally.

"I was injured with some broken ribs, a shattered knee, a gash in my head. I'm thinking about Juan Zapata-Guerrero," Jacobs said.

Zapata-Guerrero was Maria Carbajal's husband of 20 years.

"He was a really outgoing person, a great father, great husband. He was always there supporting us -- was always there for us all the time," Carbajal said.

Juan Zapata-Guerrero

The crash was captured on camera. Juan Silva Sr. turned himself into police and indicated he was the driver in the crash. He pleaded guilty to felony hit-and-run involving death, and was sentenced to five years in prison.

Juan Silva Sr.

But this case isn't closed. In fact, it has recently been reopened -- after a tipster came forward with information to suggest Juan Silva Sr. wasn't the hit-and-run driver.

"We have to go through it again. It`s the worst feeling ever," Jacobs said.

According to a new criminal complaint, Silva's 22-year-old son, Juan Jr., was actually the driver. Someone who worked with the 22-year-old's mother tipped off police after the mother apparently confided that Silva's father "was in prison for a crime he did not commit" and took the fall to protect his son.

Juan Silva Jr.

When officers investigated further, the mother admitted Juan Silva Sr. "would do anything to protect his son" and wanted him to finish school and get a job and did not want his son's life ruined.

Jacobs says she's angry that Juan Silva Sr. and his son allegedly duped her and investigators.

She was in court Monday, August 3rd as Juan Silva Jr. made an appearance. Charges were filed against him on July 23rd. She says she's disappointed she must now re-live what happened to her -- again.

"I`ve lost all faith in the justice system. They hindered the investigation at the beginning. I`ll never know if the guy was drunk or high. A bowl full of lies and all the deception is unbelievable. This guy left us for dead on the street. He could have stopped and rendered aid to us," Jacobs said.

The criminal complaint filed against Juan Silva Jr. indicates he did admit to being the hit-and-run driver. He claims it bothered him that his father took the blame. He now faces three felony charges including hit-and-run involving death.

Juan Silva Jr. and Juan Silva Sr.

"I can`t believe them right now. I want justice for Juan (Zapata-Guerrero's) kids and for myself," Jacobs said.

Jacobs says when she came face-to-face with Juan Silva Jr. in court Monday, he didn't apologize for what happened, even though he allegedly confessed to being the driver responsible for the crash.

Jacobs says she feels there should be some repercussions for Juan Silva Sr. and Juan Silva Jr's mother, who allegedly knew the truth.