'Vibrated the whole block:' 1 dead, woman and toddler injured after vehicle crashes into tree

MILWAUKEE -- A deadly crash on Milwaukee's northwest side leaves a 21-year-old woman dead and a 22-year-old woman and her 2-year-old toddler hospitalized with serious injuries.

Near 67th and Marion is where one neighbor said the car hit so hard the engine was thrown onto the sidewalk.

"I just heard a big boom, like it kind of vibrated the whole block," said the neighbor.

The sound and sight of the crash brought neighbors out of their homes.

"We seen one of the neighborhood people they got the passenger, the driver out and dragged her to the middle of the street," said the neighbor.

Some took video as police took over the scene. Milwaukee police said they tried to stop a reckless driver about four blocks away Thursday night, Oct. 25, but when the car would not stop, they did not pursue it.

Police say the driver continued driving in a reckless manner -- and lost control of the vehicle and struck a tree at 67th and Marion.


"We did see the toddler," said the neighbor. "The police was holding the toddler in the arms."

A 2-year-old in the car and 22-year-old woman driving the car were seriously injured. Family said the 21-year-old passenger, April Stegall was killed despite police not giving up on CPR.

"I knew after the five cycles that passenger was gone," said the neighbor. "But they kept going and kept going until the paramedics came."

Family describe the woman killed as very hardworking and caring. She loved her family especially her nieces and nephews.

Neighbors said some ran out with fire extinguishers to put out the smoke from the car hitting the tree. The investigation continues into why the driver did not stop.