Veterans Day ceremony held at MacArthur Park for 73rd year

MILWAUKEE -- On Veterans Day Sunday, November 11th, people came together across the Milwaukee area to pay tribute to those who have served the country. Meanwhile, America's bravest said for those who could not make it to services Sunday -- making it up to them is very easy.

Every year, a ceremony is held in MacArthur Square to honor and recognize those who have risked it all in service of the United States of America.

Earl Curran joined the Navy at 22, and was part of the Honor Guard in Sunday's ceremony. 

"We were up at Okinawa when they dropped the atomic bomb, and were just about ready to go into Japan. They were suiciding us all of the time. We had a couple close misses and we shot some of the planes you know," Curran said.

While the day was set aside to honor his service, Curran said this year's crowd was smaller than he was hoping for. 

"It's a shame because military is, they say, what's keeping this country going," Curran said.

Wayne Jensen is the commander of the American Legion in Wisconsin, and shared Curran's sentiments. 

"It's just too bad we don't have more younger people involved. It's disappointing more citizens don't take the time to come out on Veterans Day to say 'thank you' for the service you've given us," Jensen said.

Jensen said those who did not make it out to a Veterans Day ceremony can make it up to veterans in an easy way.

"If you see a veteran, whether it be at the airport or out on the city street -- if you recognize them as a veteran, a simple 'thank you' is all they require. It's very sincerely meant, and it's very sincerely received," Jensen said.

Sunday's ceremony at MacArthur Square has been held every year since 1939. The ceremony honors members of Milwaukee's police and fire departments who have signed up to protect the country.