'Very troubling:' Wisconsin surpasses 3K daily cases of COVID-19

A new daily record, over 3,000 positive cases of coronavirus. A record Wisconsin health officials did not want to break. 

As temperatures have dropped, health experts say people are partaking in more activities indoors — contributing to the uptick in cases.

New case record: 3,132 on 10/8

Officials are reminding us, that every person we see outside our household increases our risk and that of others.

"It's a tough time here in Wisconsin," said Julie Willems Van Dijk of the Wisconsin Health Department.

As the majority of our state darkens with activity 'very high' over the last two weeks...

"We obviously hoped this day wouldn't come," Gov. Tony Evers said.

The daily number of newly reported cases Thursday -- surpasses 3,000 for the first time.

"Also very troubling, we have 873 people with COVID-19 diagnoses in our hospitals across the state," Willems van Dijk said.

Julie Willems Van Dijk with the Wisconsin DHS says that number has nearly tripled over the last month. 

"We can't keep that up. If we keep adding 70 new patients to the hospitals per day, our hospitals will soon be out of beds," she said.

Milwaukee County still holds the record for the highest number of confirmed cases in the state followed by Brown County. But when looking at confirmed cases per 100,000 people, Brown county comes in first.

"I think what we're seeing here in Brown County is a lot of COVID-19 fatigue," Brown County Public Health Strategist Claire Paprocki said.

Health officials there...

"...really pleading with the community to know how their actions are affecting others," she said.

And at the state-level...

Asking all Wisconsinites to continue wearing a mask, partake in physical distancing, and to limit interactions with others. 

"We can box in this virus through isolation and quarantine, and if we did that at a really good rate, we could stop the spread to a point this would not be the kind of menace it is in our community now," Willems Van Dijk said.

Starting October 19th, Miller Park will become the main hub for COVID-19 testing in Milwaukee.

Two more sites are opening in the city as the National Guard prepares to move out of Custer stadium and UMOS by the end of next week.