'Very scary:' Taxi driver robbed at gunpoint, beaten hours before gas station shooting

MILWAUKEE -- Caught on camera -- a woman beat and then robbed a Milwaukee taxi driver at gunpoint. It happened last week near 5th and Orchard in Milwaukee.

As his cab's cameras were rolling while on the job on Aug. 22, Milwaukee taxi driver Mohan Boparai said a woman pulled a gun on him from behind and demanded money. This, while her accomplice sat in the front passenger seat.

"She hit me like three or four times with the gun in my head," Boparai said.

Fearing for his life, Boparai said he turned over all of his cash from the day's work -- nearly $400.

Mohan Boparai

"It was very scary," Boparai said.

Milwaukee police continue to search for the suspects.

This incident has left Boparai questioning his career of 20 years.

"Now we can watch everybody. Everything we be doubting on everybody," Boparai said.

Yet Boparai considers himself lucky. A few hours later, officers responded to a report of a shooting at a Petro Mart off 5th and Chase. Employees tell FOX6 News the man who runs the gas station was grazed by a bullet on the side of his head while being robbed.

After reviewing surveillance video, Boparai said the suspect is the same person who assaulted him.

Mohan Boparai

"Same body, same weight, same height, same everything," Boparai said.

Police have not confirmed or denied the two crimes are related.

Boparai is sharing the images hoping someone from the community can help investigators connect the dots.

"She's very dangerous. if you don't catch her, she'll keep doing it," Boparai said.

Police said one person has been arrested in connection with the Petro Mart shooting. Employees say multiple people were involved.

Boparai said he is offering a $500 reward for anyone who helps police catch the woman who robbed him.