'Vaccinated twice,' Delafield woman celebrates 84th with family

After more than a year of separation, a mother was able to be with her family to celebrate her 84th birthday.

In 2020, Laurayne Dobson celebrated her 83rd birthday behind a pane of glass, separated from her family. Little did we know how common a sight this would become for so many of us amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Laurayne Dobson

"What do you call it? The pandemic or whatever – I couldn’t go out," said Dobson.

But in 2021, things were different.

"I’ve been vaccinated twice. I had my second COVID shot last Tuesday," said Dobson.

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Laurayne Dobson

"It was just crazy finally being able to finally get out here and see her because it’s been long phone calls and things like this – just only goes so far, you know?" said Connor Dobson, grandson.

On Sunday, March 21, there was nothing separating Dobson from the rest of the family.

"Oh my God, yes! That’s why I had to have a drink – I’m happy!" said Laurayne Dobson.

The birthday bash brought the whole family together.

Laurayne Dobson

"Family is always very very important to us, and mom is what I’d call a social butterfly," said Shellie Gotham, daughter. "I feel like we’re getting past all of the rough times. You know, all the isolation and the worry." 

"I made it through, and I’m blessed that I’ve got a great family," said Laurayne Dobson.