V.P. Joe Biden visits Milwaukee for fundraising event

MILWAUKEE -- Vice President Joe Biden was in Milwaukee Thursday for a $250-a-ticket lunchtime fundraiser. It was an event that was closed to the general public.

People who heard Biden speak say he stressed how President Obama has made a series of tough decision on everything from the killing Usama bin laden to the saving of the auto industry.

Republicans however, say the president has left too many unfulfilled promises. In an interview with FOX6 News, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus says the visit, just five days ahead of the Wisconsin Presidential Primary, proves Wisconsin's importance as a battleground state in November.

"We call the president the campaigner in chief and we call Joe Biden the junior campaigner in chief, so of course he's campaigning in a battleground state in Wisconsin  because Wisconsin's going to be at the epicenter of this election in November," said Priebus.

Democrats were at the luncheon to show their support for the president. "President Obama has been standing up for working families, standing up for the middle class," said State Senator Chris Larson. "People are paying attention to that the message these Republicans are throwing out there, they're just tearing each other apart -- that's not what people are interested in, but that's why he's doing so well in the polls."

The lunchtime fundraiser, held at the Italian Conference Center in Milwaukee was organized by the Obama Victory Fund.

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