UWM to require COVID-19 testing of all students in residence halls


The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is requiring mandatory COVID-19 testing for all students living in residence halls on campus, according to a release.

The testing facility will be located within the Student Union and is expected to be open by Sept. 14. 

In an effort to manage infections through early identification, contact tracing and quarantine, the school aims to test all students living on campus at least every two weeks, said Aamir Siddiqi, interim campus health officer. Achieving that goal will depend on the availability of supplies and the addition of needed staff, according to a release.

On Aug. 6, UW System President Tommy Thompson announced a $32 million COVID-19 testing regimen for the Fall 2020 semester across UW System campuses, including UWM.

Antigen tests can identify an active coronavirus infection from a nasal or throat swab by detecting specific proteins on the surface of the virus. Once at full capacity, the equipment UWM acquired can process results at a rate of about 40-50 tests an hour, with immediate results.

UWM launched its live COVID-19 dashboard which shows how many people have been tested and tested positive on campus. To check out the dashboard, CLICK HERE.