UWM baseball coach notes 'tough decisions, conversations' with season on hold due to COVID-19

FRANKLIN -- According to the schedule, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Panthers baseball team should have hosted the University of Illinois at Chicago April 3-5 in Franklin. Of course, they didn't. They can't really do much of anything amid the coronavirus pandemic.

When it comes to being a baseball player, COVID-19 has made things pretty tough. If you don't have a batting cage in your backyard or basement, you are in trouble.

So much can change between this year's roster and next year, with the NCAA ruling on eligibility and financial implications. There is a lot out there for Coach Scott Doffek to deal with.

"I think, for years to come," said Doffek. "I do not think this is just going to be a rip the Bandaid and start from scratch. You know, for us personally, we have some tough decisions, and some tough conversations, and roster decisions, and recruiting changes and a whole bunch of things that are implicated from this."

The Panthers' colors are, of course, black and gold, but there is a silver lining to the current situation.

"I think one silver lining is more of, as a person, just what a great opportunity to gain some real perspective," said Doffek. "You talk about that all the time with your team. What an honor it is to wear a uniform, play baseball, represent a university, your family and yourself. Really, all of that is a privilege, and I think there is no better time than now to gain a really good perspective. I guarantee that when we do get a chance to get back, you are going to see another level from almost everybody, myself included."

All involved can't wait to hear, "play ball" once again.