UW-Waukesha volunteers busy getting young voters registered

WAUKESHA -- The presidential election is just three weeks from Tuesday, and the push to get voters registered is now in full force, especially among young voters. At the UW-Waukesha campus, volunteers are working to get young voters registered to vote on election day.

“We're just trying to educate people on voting, letting their vote count and making a difference,” volunteer Rebekkah Wilson said.

Many of those who registered are first-time voters.

“I'm very excited.  I'm hoping Romney will win,” 18-year-old Max Siebert said.

“I choose Obama,” 18-year-old Sylvia Hammond said.

While many have already decided who will get their vote on November 6th, others are still on the fence.

“It's just kind of confusing who to vote for,” 21-year-old Travis Allen said.

Few political signs flood the hallways at UW-Waukesha -- a stark change from college campuses from four years ago.  However, students say interest in politics and this election is still there, but is maybe just not the same as before.

In 2008, President Barack Obama won Wisconsin by 14 points.  Young voters played a big part in his victory.  This time around, that same enthusiasm has shifted a bit at the Waukesha campus.

“I think that it's kind of balanced out.  There’s a lot of enthusiasm for President Obama as well as Romney,” Wilson said.

“I'm interested to see what Romney can actually do to lessen the deficit,” first-time voter Ben Gorde said.

A group known to be a democratic driving force is losing steam, but turnout is what will matter in the race to the White House.  In the last presidential election, 58% of Wisconsin voters from ages 18 to 29 cast a ballot.  This year, the Pew Research Center is predicting nearly 10% fewer will head to the polls, so volunteers are reminding young voters to make their vote count.

“We're bringing it on campus so people don't have to wonder where to go,” Wilson said.

The focus is keeping the students engaged from now until November 6th.

Early voting in Wisconsin begins Monday, Oct. 22.  You can vote at your local municipal clerk's office through November 2nd.  You do not need a photo ID to vote early or on election day.