UW freshman with COVID offers peek into 'isolation dorms'

COVID-19 is hitting college campuses hard, with Marquette University and UW-Madison instituting quarantines of some dorms. FOX6 News got a look at what life is like for students confined to their dorm rooms for two weeks.

Carmen Fix

Carmen Fix

"These are my friends here," said Carmen Fix. "We are studying in my room.  That's my closet back there if you can see it."

Fix, a freshman, offered a peek into life in quarantine at UW-Madison.

"Cases will rise when you bring kids together from all over the country," said Fix.

Carmen Fix

Carmen Fix

Fix began experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 a few days before testing positive and like many of her peers, has now found herself in lockdown, only able to mingle with people on her floor.

"Everybody who gets COVID comes to the isolation dorms," said Fix. "There are three dorms here sharing a courtyard."

There's little physical interaction with the outside world.  Fix has to order her meals a day early, and had to leave a lot of her stuff in her real dorm room.  By now, you've seen the prisoner-like messages left on the windows.



"I don't feel that way personally because I've met a lot of people here," said Fix.

As of Tuesday morning, Sept. 15, UW-Madison reported 22 new positive student cases, and two new employee cases, with 369 students in on-campus isolation. Another 112 are in housing quarantine.  University leaders said that's in addition to those in the Sellery and Witte dorms, and frat and sorority houses.

Because of her positive diagnosis, Fix will be taking all her UW-Madison classes online until Sept. 23.

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