Utilities to provide propane to help low-income citizens

MADISON (WITI) -- Governor Scott Walker has announced an agreement between the State of Wisconsin, Madison Gas and Electric (MG&E), and We Energies that will allow the state to access more than 117,000 gallons of propane currently stored at these utilities to help address the current propane shortage.

“We are grateful to Madison Gas and Electric and We Energies for helping us address the needs of our citizens in this challenging time, and it is yet another example of the power of public-private partnerships,” Governor Walker said.  “We will use the propane from these companies as a contingency plan to help meet the need of low-income citizens in areas of our state where the supply is constrained.”

Under the arrangements with the utilities, the state can access up to 42,000 gallons of propane currently stored at We Energies’ Oak Creek facility, with the possibility of an additional 30,000 gallons from We Energies’ Tomah facility.  Madison Gas and Electric is providing up to 45,000 gallons of propane from its facility in Prairie du Chien.  Any propane the state requests will be deployed to help meet the needs of citizens qualifying for low-income energy assistance, and will be replaced by the state in the non-heating season.

The state will contract for transportation of the propane from the utility sites to propane dealers where supply is needed to provide heating fuel for low-income customers.  Both utilities’ supply will be replenished this summer.  Utilities use propane for a variety of purposes including backup fuel and natural gas supply augmentation.