US Marshals search for Aaron Baker, an inmate 'released in error'

MILWAUKEE -- The Wisconsin Department of Corrections is investigating how an inmate was released in error a few weeks ago. Despite their efforts, the man let go is nowhere to be found

"He is out on the streets. He was released in error from the Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility," the deputy marshal said.

Federal and local law enforcement are teaming up in the search for 35-year-old Aaron Baker.

"Mr. Baker is wanted for two separate warrants at this point. One of them is through the Wisconsin Department of Corrections -- and the other is for a parole violation. The other is for a felon in possession -- and that's issued through the Milwaukee Police Department," the deputy marshal explained.

According to U.S. Marshals, Baker was released in error on Sept. 20.

"Mr. Baker has an extensive history with narcotics," the deputy marshal said. "Many members of his family and friends are aware, (he's wanted)."

Authorities are now working to narrow down Baker's potential whereabouts. They say he has strong ties to various neighborhoods on Milwaukee’s north side.

"We're asking your viewers if they know something, if they see something, lend a hand. All information is completely confidential," the deputy marshal said. "Mr. Baker also has an extensive history of firearms."

Baker is described as being 5'9" tall and weighing about 160 pounds. He has various tattoos. The most notable are on his arm and neck.

"His tattoos include a scorpion on his arm -- and on his neck, he has a tattoo, '100 percent approved,'" the deputy marshal said.

For now, Baker is considered armed and dangerous. Authorities encourage the 35-year-old to turn himself in.

"Mr. Baker is likely aware he was released in error, and as a result of that it would be in his best interest to turn himself in and finalize the process he was going through,” the deputy marshal explained.