UPS driver has formed special bond with 14-year-old boy who has autism: "I just try to put myself in his shoes"

PHOENIX, Arizona -- A UPS driver in Phoenix has formed a special bond with one of his customers -- a 14-year-old boy who has autism.

When Michael Day shows up in the neighborhood to deliver packages, it's the best part of 14-year-old Asher's day.

"It's a big one, Asher! I'm telling you!" Day said.

Every day for the last eight years, Day's morning has started with a telephone call from Asher.

"He asks how many packages there are. What's in it and stuff. I just tell him, you know, I have one package and he'll have to find out what's in it," Day said.

If there's a package for Asher, sometimes, Day stays a little longer.

"Whenever Mike comes by and I have food I ask him to come in and fix a plate," Raquel Schnitzer, Asher's mom said.

If there's no package for Day to deliver, he still makes an effort to swing by.

"If we don't have a package, the neighbors don't have a package, he'll ask Mike to please drive by and honk -- which Mike usually will do if he has time," Schnitzer said.

Day doesn't mind the early morning calls, or stopping by to see Asher.

"I just try to put myself in his shoes and his family's shoes and all of that -- and just say 'hey, you know, it's not really that big of a deal to take a phone call or do a little bit of extra so why not do it?'" Day said.

Asher and his family appreciate Day's kindness.

"Whether its getting a package or the neighbors getting a package or just seeing Mike -- that's enough of a buzz for him that it keeps him going," Schnitzer said.