'Uplift the neighborhood:' Artists create floral sculpture outside Milwaukee's Sherman Phoenix

MILWAUKEE -- A group of artists created a floral sculpture outside Milwaukee's Sherman Phoenix. The display is meant to bring a positive, organic message to the community.

As each flower is rooted into position, this floral sculpture comes to life outside the Phoenix Center.

"It’s kind of a power to the people theme. We’re working in solidarity with the black community to uplift and spotlight these very special institutions," said Rachel Stenman, artist.

Floral sculpture at Sherman Phoenix

The group of floral artists are installing this piece of public art to show solidarity with Milwaukee's black communities.

The display stands several feet high and is growing. With more than 1,000 flowers, the artists hope it'll bring positivity to Milwaukee.

"Uplift the neighborhood and the black communities that surround it to offer a bit of softness or light in a lot of chaos," said Liz Egan, florist.

Liz Egan and Rachel Stenman

The artists say it's also a great way for people to experience nature while in the city. And it's just in time for American Flowers Week -- every flower is American grown.

The colors line up with Sherman Phoenix's theme of rising out of the ashes.

"We hope that there’s a moment of togetherness and camaraderie amongst maybe people who wouldn’t be talking to each other and find themselves in the same spaces," said Egan.

Weather permitting, the sculpture will be outside Sherman Pheonix until Monday.

Floral sculpture at Sherman Phoenix