Unique creations at Miller Park: Shrimp & cod fish tacos, lamb sandwiches and "beer darts"

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Baseball is BACK! The Milwaukee Brewers kicked off their season Monday, April 6th. They met the Colorado Rockies at Miller Park -- and prior to the game, Studio A's Brian Kramp was out and about at Miller Park, taking in all the sights, sounds and smells!

Shrimp and cod for fish tacos, lamb infused with mint, dill and onion on the grill -- served up on a slider bun with onion, tomato and special sauce -- these are just a few of the unique creations Kramp saw hitting the grill on Monday afternoon.

"Everybody does beer and brats -- we do tailgates and haven't cooked a brat yet!" a Brewers fan said.

Also at the ball park -- unique games, some that involved drinking -- like "beer darts."

"Metal tip darts -- throw a dart at a beer can, trying to puncture it. Drink till the hole is no longer flowing with beer. They can put it down then. The other team throws. Whoever has the most guys at the end wins!" a Brewers fans aid.

Check out all the Opening Day fun at Miller Park by taking a look at the video below: