Ulster Project of Greater Milwaukee helps promote unity across countries, regions

The Ulster Project of Greater Milwaukee brings together teens from northern Ireland with local families to help promote unity across countries and regions. Host family coordinator Colleen Schmitz joins FOX6 WakeUp to talk about the program and how it's changed during the pandemic. 

About The Ulster Project of Greater Milwaukee 

The Ulster Project of Greater Milwaukee is a collaborative effort with Northern Ireland that brings teens ages 14-16 together to promote trust, respect, tolerance, and understanding among future leaders.

  • Takes place from late June to late July.
  • Founded in 1979 and is now in its 41st year.

The original focus was to demonstrate how different faith traditions could live in harmony and has expanded to explore today's relevant social issues, with a focus on:

  • Leadership
  • Peace
  • Justice

14 Catholic and Protestant teens and two counselors from Belfast are matched with American teens and counselors in the Milwaukee area for a month of activities.

During the month, the teens:

  • (1) participate in facilitated discussions called "Discovery" (the heart of the Project),
  • (2) perform service
  • (3) participate in ecumenical worship services and learn about different faith traditions, and
  • (4) enjoy lots of fun activities.