Two weeks until the election: Early voting begins

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Voting is underway in Wisconsin. There are just two weeks to go, and turnout is the name of the game.

"This election is still locked up in a dead-heat. We need to make sure we are turning our voters out," said Lt. Governor, Rebecca Kleefisch.

Democrats and Republicans holding rallies to encourage in-person absentee voting.

In the 2012 presidential election, 265,000 Wisconsin residents voted early in-person -- that's about 1 in 12 voters.

In general, Democrats are more likely to cast early ballots, and results from the 2012 presidential election show President Obama won early voters by a 51-to-41 margin in Wisconsin -- while winning election day voters by a much smaller margin 51-to-48.

This year, Republicans are trying to change the dynamic.

"I'm really nervous about this one.  The absentee ballot program is something that we really really really have to work on, because I see a lot of buses going around collecting people, I really worry about that," said Sate Senator, Alberta Darling.

Democratic candidate Mary Burke campaigned Monday, October 20th, in both Appleton and Madison.

"This is going to be a statewide election. Turnout is going to be important almost every place you go in this state," said Mary Burke.

Early voting hours were scaled back this year by the legislature, so early ballots can only be cast between October 20th, and October 31st -- not on weekends.

Burke says she plans to vote early on Tuesday, and encourages her supporters to do the same.

"Our efforts are going really well. I'm very pleased with the canvassing and the field operations," said Burke.

How do you increase turnout? One way is to energize voters with big name campaigners. Today, Sharon Day of the RNC was campaigning for the GOP in Waukesha.

Monday night, the Burke campaign confirmed former president Bill Clinton will stump for Mary Burke in Wisconsin on Friday.