Two Wauwatosa cleaners accused of theft

WAUWATOSA (WITI) -- A Wauwatosa cleaning crew is accused of stealing from clients.

It happened at the Mayfair Bank Tower in Wauwatosa.

Iyomi Mpeti-Otola runs a construction design firm in the office building. Last June, he was stopped by his partner who reported thefts.

"He lets me know his computer is not here. He can't work. He can't do his wok. Obviously, we call the police first thing to notify them that something is wrong," Mpeti-Otola said.

Mpeti-Otola says it became clear that there was no forced entry -- and over the next three months, throughout the building, items began disappearing from eyeglasses to checks and credit cards.

"It was kind of obvious as far as who had done it.  Because when we leave here, we lock the door.  And security comes through here," Mpeti-Otola said.

Nearly a year after the thefts began, charges have been filed. Two criminal complaints charge two of the building's cleaners with stealing items late at night.

The criminal complaints show 21-year-old Darius Walker and 47-year-old Angela Carnes of Milwaukee pointing fingers at one another as being the mastermind.

In a search of Walker's apartment, criminal complaints say many of the items were found.

"I think anybody who is willing to do that to someone else, they should get caught and put to justice. Hopefully they will receive what they have coming to them, what they deserve," Mpeti-Otola said.

The cleaning company says they worked with police in their investigation and both suspects are no longer employed by them. Both cleaners are facing nearly eight years in prison if found guilty.