Two teens killed in horrific crash involving stolen vehicle; driver, passenger have criminal records

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee police have identified two teenagers killed in a horrific crash involving a stolen vehicle that occurred near Hi Mount Boulevard and Lloyd Street on Wednesday afternoon, March 25th. Three people were hurt.

Police say those killed in the crash are: 17-year-old Jamar Canady and 16-year-old Marquise Tate.

The driver of the stolen vehicle that crashed, an 18-year-old Milwaukee man and a 17-year-old passenger continue to receive treatment at the hospital. They are expected to survive. They are in police custody at the hospital.

Police say the 18-year-old driver has an arrest record that dates back to 2012 -- including for possession of a dangerous weapon at a school, operating a vehicle without the owner's consent and resisting police.

The surviving passenger also has an arrest record with MPD, dating back to 2012 -- including for battery, disorderly conduct, resisting police and burglary.

The driver and passenger who survived the crash are expected to be criminally charged in the coming days.

Police say the stolen vehicle, traveling at a high rate of speed, blew through a stop sign at Lloyd Street. It was struck by a vehicle driven by a 47-year-old Milwaukee man. He survived, and was treated and released at the hospital shortly after the crash.

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn did not mince words during a press conference held at the scene of the crash Wednesday afternoon. He said the vehicle the teens were in was stolen from Milwaukee's south side on Monday.

Chief Flynn calls car thefts "an epidemic" in the city of Milwaukee.

"These are no longer just property crimes. People are being killed. It's bad. We are arresting stolen car thieves at a record rate. Obviously we need help. We're dealing with immature brains who are suffering no sanctions. I expect immature people with criminal records to do immature, stupid dangerous things. But I expect something to happen to them when they're caught. Two passengers with their entire lives ahead of them are dead because of this reckless, stupid behavior. Now I expect immature people with criminal records to do immature, stupid dangerous things. But I expect something to happen to them when they're caught -- so they can stop being stupid and maybe live to adulthood. The only good news, if you can call it that, is that the other person, the innocent victim, thank God -- is going to be okay," Chief Flynn said.

Meanwhile, those who knew the teens who died have created a memorial at the scene -- as crews worked to clean up debris and rebuild a concrete wall at the corner of Hi Mount and Lloyd.

"I heard this loud sound. It sounded like an explosion. We came over and we wedged the door so that -- because the one guy we saw, he was moving. We tried to get him out so we eventually were able to get him out of there and he was screaming -- screaming 'my brother, my baby brother!'" Felita Gray said.

Family members and friends at the scene 24 hours after this incident were overcome with emotion. Gray was there to try to offer some comfort.

"We wanted to be there for them," Gray said.

Also at the scene Thursday was Milwaukee Common Council President Michael Murphy.

"I think what I`m here for is just to talk to the neighbors and look at a number of issues. At this point in time I think the most important point is, you know, two young people are gone! And what we want to do is prevent this type of situation from occurring again and that`s my goal with the police department and others in the court system but that`s for another day," Murphy said.

A vigil is planned for the teens who lost their lives in this crash on Friday evening at 6:00 p.m.