Two Republican candidates vying for a U.S. senate seat visit Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE -- Two Republican candidates vying for a U.S. senate seat brought their campaigns to Milwaukee, Wednesday, March 21. Former Governor Tommy Thompson and State Assembly speaker Jeff Fitzgerald visited Milwaukee as part of their campaign tours.

With a few months to go before the Republican primary, senate candidates are moving full steam ahead with their campaigns. Wednesday morning, former Governor Tommy Thompson spoke at the Ambassador Hotel. It is just one stop Wednesday for Thompson on his "Restore America Tour". Thompson will also be making a stop in Beloit.

Thompson's campaign message focused on the federal budget. Thompson unveiled his next round of proposals to bring America back with a specific focus on reforming entitlements, simplifying taxes and overturning regulatory excess.

Assembly speaker Jeff Fitzgerald was also Milwaukee Wednesday. Fitzgerald was the featured guest of the Milwaukee Press Club's Newsmakers Luncheon. Fitzgerald touted his success with regards to balancing the state budget and how his actions will help at the federal level.

"As a speaker I promised two things: one was getting people back to work and two getting our fiscal house in order. I think those two things apply at the federal level as well," Jeff Fitzgerald said.

Both Fitzgerald and Thompson are just two Republicans in a crowded list of candidates  competing for Senator Herb Kohl's senate seat, who is retiring at the end of his term. Other Republicans vying for the senate seat include former congressman Mark Neumann, newcomer Eric Hovde, and congresswoman Tammy Baldwin.

Tommy Thompson's event was held at the Ambassador Hotel at 10:30 Wednesday morning and Jeff Fitzgerald's appearance at the Milwaukee Press Club was held at 11:45 a.m.