Two officers receive Oak Creek "Citizen of the Year" award

OAK CREEK (WITI) -- The 2013 Oak Creek "Citizen of the Year" award was handed out to two deserving officers on Friday evening, May 17th.

Lieutenant Brian Murphy and Officer Sam Lenda, the first two policemen on the scene of the Sikh Temple shooting, were awarded the honor.

Mayor Steve Scaffidi said, "It's a chance for the community, for the first time, to thank Brian and Sam for the heroism and bravery that they showed on August 5th."

The award is given out each year to the person, or in this case persons, who best represent the city.

"I couldn't ask for anything more," said Murphy. "It's just been such an unbelievable ride and now to have the entire city recognize me before I leave, I'm as happy as can be."

Lieutenant Murphy is set to retire in June.

Murphy was shot 12 times during the attack at the Sikh Temple. Lenda took down the gunman with one shot.

"This could've been much worse than it was, as awful as it was, and it's because of Brian Murphy and Officer Lenda," said Congressman Paul Ryan

Officer Lenda acknowledged he was honored to receive the recognition, but said humbly that the night was about Lieutenant Murphy.

"I would beg to differ," said Murphy. "Sam has been an inspiration to so many people and as a lifelong resident of Oak Creek, he epitomizes being Citizen of the Year."