Two men ride bicycles from D.C. to Lambeau Field

GREEN BAY -- Two men love the Green Bay Packers so much, they rode their bicycles from our nation's capital of Washington, D.C. all the way to Lambeau Field for the Packers vs. Giants playoff game Sunday!

It was the longest trip Rick Dignus and Kirt Seifert had ever taken! "We do not know what we're doing, and we have no business on bikes in Wisconsin," Seifert said.

They faced winter weather. "In Chicago, we got dumped on, the six to eight inches of snow, and had to switch everything over as nobbies," They went around detours. "We got lost in Amish Country," Seifert said.

But at last, they made it to Lambeau Field in time for Sunday's game. Dignus and Seifert are professional caddies, and devout Packers fans. They say they believe in their "Pedal The Pack" cause, so much, that they trekked halfway around the country to raise $100,000 for the Wall Street War Fighters charity. "It wasn't just about two idiots riding a bicycle to Green Bay, Wisconsin," Dignus said. "We get to see these guys with like, one leg, playing golf and then to take that and get them to pass their series seven, which makes them be able to be stock brokers on Wall Street, we're talking seriously disabled veterans," Seifert said.

Dignus says he grew up a Giants fan, but converted to a Packers fan in the later half of his life. He says he still gets the business from his family back in Long Island. "We're getting a lot of Go Pedal the Pack/Go Giants, so they like our cause, but they kind of want to see us end today, because they want the Giants to win," Dignus said.

Before the two made it to their final destination, they made a pit stop in Milwaukee. "It's good to be here, and fried cheese curds - I'm beginning to understand what it's all about, I really am! I'm really catching onto this whole Wisconsin thing. It's growing on me real quick," Seifert said.

So far, the men have raised more than $80,000. If you want to follow their route through Wisconsin, click here.