Two Homestead High School students charged with sexual assault

Two Homestead High School students, DeAngelo Dantzler and Brent Anderson, are charged with sexual assault after a 14-year-old female student made allegations in relations to a November third encounter.

In the criminal complaint, the teen said she performed sexual acts on Dantzler, Anderson and a 15-year-old student willingly. The alleged sexual assault took place on November third.

According to the criminal complaint, the 14-year-old female text messaged her father saying she was going to stay after school to work on homework. That's when she ran into the three teenage boys. She says the two 18-year-old boys offered her alcoholic beverages.

The school district found out about the incident just one week later. Superintendent Demond Means said, "At that point in time, the four young people said they were willing participants in the activity."

The school and Mequon police punished all four students, and weeks later the district held a meeting to reconfirm the details of November third. All three boys were there do do so, but the district says the 14-year-old female students and her family were no-shows. New details emerged just days later.

The district found out the 14-year-old female now claims the sex acts with the three boys were not consensual, but that the two forced themselves on her. Superintendent Means says, "We haven't had an opportunity to sit down with the young lady or her family or legal counsel to get the details of her new allegations."

If the new allegations are true, the school district will have to decide the fate of the teenage boys.

The Ozaukee County District Attorney's Office doesn't call any of the sexual acts consensual, because minors are involved. The terms it uses is either cooperative or forced.