Two charged in homicide near 12th and Cleveland

MILWAUKEE -- Two men have been charged in connection with a homicide near 12th and Cleveland that occurred around 7:30 a.m. Friday, February 10th.

18-year-old Johnny Tyron Gibson Jr., and 17-year-old Isaiah Triggs have each been charged with first degree intentional homicide, as party to a crime. If convicted, they face life in prison.

Milwaukee police say the homicide occurred in the 2700 block of S. 12th Street, and Mark Burt died as a result of gunshot wounds to his head and abdomen.

The criminal complaint in the case says two MPD officers were dispatched to the scene, where they observed Burt lying on the ground with a bullet wound to the head area. Milwaukee Fire Department officials pronounced the man dead at the scene.

Police interviewed Gibson, who said before the homicide, he was at his house with Triggs, who wanted to do a robbery. Gibson told police Burt called him, and Gibson told Burt about the robbery. Gibson said Triggs invited Burt along for the robbery, and then told Gibson that Burt "was not going to get out of that," which Gibson took to mean Triggs intended to kill Burt for allegedly having sex with his cousin.

Gibson said Burt arrived at his house, and the three walked towards 9th and Cleveland to "rob a Mexican of some weed." Gibson told police Triggs said they couldn't walk around with so much weed, so Triggs said he was going to get a car that they could steal. Gibson told police they walked to the alley on S. 12th Street and Cleveland Street, and Triggs told Gibson to "be cool about this," and told Gibson he would get some money for coming along for the killing.

Gibson told police Triggs told Burt to be on the look out, as they were going to take the car to the end of the alley. Gibson said Triggs stood by the garage, and Gibson went to the passenger side of the vehicle and waved for Burt to come toward the vehicle. Burt had a bandana over his face. Gibson told police this is when Triggs came out from around the garage and shot Burt in the head and continued shooting as Burt lay on the ground.

Gibson told police he and Triggs then ran northbound towards Cleveland Avenue, and discussed blaming another individual for the homicide. Gibson told police he originally lied about the homicide to police, but at a vigil for the victim, noticed motion lights at a home nearby, and believed the shooting may have been captured.

During his interview with police, Triggs said Gibson wanted Burt dead, and wanted Triggs to do the homicide. Triggs told police Gibson told him if he didn't shoot Burt, Gibson would shoot Triggs. Triggs said he felt threatened by this, and went home, not sure if he was going to follow through with the plan.

Triggs said on February 10th, Gibson called him over to his house, and when he arrived, Gibson and Burt were already inside. He said the three talked about doing a robbery, and as they left, Gibson handed Triggs a revolver, and told Triggs to shoot Burt. Triggs said after shooting Burt, the two fled the scene, and Gibson asked for the gun back.