Two Cedarburg utility linemen helping to restore power on East Coast

CEDARBURG -- Lori Throndson's husband has been gone for two weeks, but she told FOX6 News she is used to it. Her husband is a utility lineman, and when disaster strikes, they're always ready to help out. Throndson's husband is one of many utility workers deployed to the East Coast to help with Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

Lori Throndson told FOX6 News she hears from her husband, Mark about twice a day. She said he has told stories about the aftermath of "Superstorm Sandy" as he works to restore power out East.

"He says it's like a war zone. When they were in Pennsylvania, they had to go and walk through all these woods and mountainous areas to identify trees that knocked over either power lines or power poles," Throndson said.

The Cedarburg Light and Water Utility sent Mark Throndson and Bill Krueger to Pennsylvania and then New Jersey. 

The company has posted on its website a thank you letter from a Pennsylvania family saying: "My 85-year-old mother went nine days without electricity, but God answered our prayers by sending Mark and Bill." 

"He's very proud of what he does, and he feels so good when he restores power to people who have been without power for so many days. People will come out crying sometimes. They're so happy they have electricity again," Throndson said.

Having worked on utility poles for more than 30 years, Mark Throndson has covered many miles to assist after many disasters. 

"You get used to it, but it's still a loss. You miss him when he's gone. The kids miss him and we have another granddaughter on the way, so I told my daughter 'you can't have that baby until your dad gets home,'" Lori Throndson said.

Mark Throndson is scheduled to come home either Tuesday night or Wednesday morning (November 13th or 14th).

"I'm already planning a nice dinner for him when he gets home," Lori Throndson said.

About 20,000 linemen have been dispatched from around the country to help restore power in the Northeast. The American Red Cross says there are still more than 400,000 people without power.

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