Travel trouble in Midwest creates frustrated fliers in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The ripple effect continues to be felt by fliers at General Mitchell International Airport on Friday, September 26th. An airport spokesperson estimates at least 200 of the roughly 300 flights in and out of General Mitchell have been, or are being canceled as a result of today's travel trouble.

Hundreds of frustrated fliers at Milwaukee's General Mitchell International Airport learned that the problems at an FAA facility Aurora, Illinois are causing cancellations here in Milwaukee.

Friday afternoon, dozens of those who hung around Mitchell for hours, hoping to find a Friday night flight, are forced to make other arrangements.

"They took my luggage, gave me a boarding pass as if everything was alright. Not a word until I get up to through security, that's frustrating," said Mary Katzer, Orlando-bound flier.

Still, Mary Katzer says she'll simply extend her stay with her extended family.

"I feel worse for families who have booked Disney. I live there, so i'm okay, but that ones who can't get to Disney -- I just feel very bad for them," said Katzer.

But now, the family trip will have to wait.

"We actually considered driving down, because there's four drivers, and we could be there in about 22 hours you know, everything good, but with the little ones it's hard for them to sit that long," said Bill Lubach, Disney World bound flier.

A spokesperson for General Mitchell International says situations involving so many cancellations typically even-out within a few days. But it takes a lot of work, and plenty of patience.