"Traumatizing:" Mom speaks out after kids, ages 6, 9 shot days before shooting that killed Justin Evans Jr.

MILWAUKEE -- Sixteen people were arrested Wednesday, July 26th as part of an ongoing effort in Milwaukee's Center Street corridor -- a Milwaukee Police Department operation focused on big-time offenders. Police said three of those suspects were involved in a quadruple shooting that sent two kids to the hospital.

"It's a multi-tiered approach, proactive street policing, community-based policing aimed at networks and individuals," Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn said.

Chief Flynn on Wednesday announced the results of the operation in an area of the city that can be a hub for violence. More than 100 officers and federal agents were part of a sweep that led to the arrests of 16 people.

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn

"We also made three arrests for the July 18th quadruple shooting near 39th and Burleigh," Chief Flynn said.

The shooting sent four people to the hospital, including two children, ages six and nine.

"I do appreciate police doing their job. It's a little more easy to hear that they did have a couple more guys in custody," a woman who said she's the mother of the six-year-old victim, and is related to the other victims in this shooting.

This woman didn't want to share her identity, but on Wednesday, she spoke out for the first time.

"I was sitting on my porch and my daughter and my little cousin was down the street playing with my other little cousins and in broad daylight we just heard about 30 shots -- 'pow, pow, pow.' My daughter was shot in her butt and my little cousin was shot on her side on her foot and my little brother was shot," she said.

Shooting at 39th and Burleigh

Shooting at 39th and Burleigh

Shooting at 39th and Burleigh

Miraculously, they survived.

Mother of victim of shooting near 39th and Burleigh

The woman said her heart is with the family of six-year-old Justin Evans Jr., who was shot near 23rd and Nash on Saturday, July 22nd and died at the hospital.

"It's just been so traumatizing for our children. They don't want to be in the neighborhood anymore," the woman said.

Chief Flynn said the sweep Wednesday led to the confiscation of several guns, drugs and cash. He said criminals can count on this ongoing effort.

"We're trying to, if you will, liberate the neighborhood -- not conquer it," the woman said.

The sweep also led to the arrest of a 22-year-old man wanted in connection with a large number of north side pharmacy burglaries.