Trapped horse rescued after surviving below-freezing temps in snow

A horse became trapped in snow in Utah and had to be rescued. (Credit: McKay Wadley)

A horse had to be rescued in Utah after becoming trapped in the snow and enduring below-freezing temperatures. 

Park City Fire officials said they responded to the scene on Parkway Drive Monday morning. 

They believe a horse was pushed out of the barn by another horse and had sunk down deep in the snow. 

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"The horse was unable to move and spent the night stuck in the snow," fire officials told FOX Television Stations in a statement. 

Crews had to dig a path, about 3o to 40 feet, through the snow to get from the barn to the horse's location. The animal's owners and neighbors also assisted with the rescue. 

"The horse was hypothermic," PCFD Captain McKay Wadley said. "A vet responded to the scene and said the horse will make a full recovery,"

This story was reported from Los Angeles.